Monday, September 26, 2011

Screw you, humidity

Blogging/Modelling/Painting/Gaming pledge

Very simple: each week I will do something minis-related - either building, painting, or actually getting to the table - that's blog-worthy. Then I'll write it up. I'm tired of these big lacunae in my minis production and in this worthless blog. It stops now.

Last week, in the same burst of productivity that brought my last three updates, I wrote this, planning to publish it this week and follow it up immediately with glorious primed minis, ready for more brushwork.

Unfortunately since then it's either rained, threatened to rain, or been (as it is today) around 70% humidity, none of which are conducive to spray priming.

Right now I have three colors of stuff in the bullpen, raring to go: the two halves of my ESE/Merc army for Heavy Gear (yellow for the Emirate Guard, WWII British Armor for the mercs), a unit of the Kuritan 2nd Sword of Light for BattleTech (Dragon Red, of course) and two of my three-Ogre detachments for Exercise K (Vatican Guard in yellow, 1st Polish Lancers in red). I actually went outside with them this afternoon, but I didn't want to gamble on the same muggy conditions that left my Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl team from last season covered with crappy, powdery and 'orange-peel' primer.

So to keep my momentum up, tonight I will base and assemble 1500 points of Mid-war Germans for Flames of War, for the Ostfront scenario Britt and I have been discussing for the past two years. The sole holdup has been my lack of progress; I've been sitting on these minis for at least a year and a half now. Tonight I glue together halftracks! Spread artist's pumice to base up infantry! Dust off those two Tigers!

There's supposed to be a break in the weather towards the end of this week; I'm hoping for one good afternoon of breakneck priming, as well as racking my brain to figure out what else I might need to haul ass on assembling in order to be ready for the shrinking number of good priming days offered by a typical North Cacalacky fall.

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