Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Steady as a weathervane

And now that I have about 75% of my 1850 points worth of White Scars assembled and ready to prime, what better time to radically rethink my Combat Patrol selection, and switch to Orks?

400 - Da Firestartas

HQ: Big Mek w/ Kustom Force Field - 85

Troops: Boyz Mob x 20 - 120

Elites: Burna Boyz x5 - 75
-???x Meks w/ Kustom Mega Blasta, or Slugga/Choppa, or Big Shoota: free

Heavy: Killa Kans x3 - 105
-each w/ Skorchas - 15

Basically all I have to do is assemble the Killa Kans (two extra Skorchas are e'en now winging their way here thanks to eBay) and find my Big Mek with KFF who is in the garage, somewhere.  The Boyz and Burna Boyz are already assembled from the handful of games Britt and I played back in 5th edition; the biggest thing is trying to decide if I want to run more than the one Mek I have in there right now.  I hate losing the burna for a KMB on somebody with BS 2, but having a spare Mek around to fix the Kans might be useful? Or maybe not, I dunno.


  1. We want pics! We want pics!

  2. Sure, but they'll be pics of the Deathwing I built for a doubles tourney, since I didn't wind up entering the Combat Patrol league. Primarily, I wasn't thrilled they were actually going to allow people to change their lists on the fly; tailoring them to opponents or missions. In my opinion, what makes something like a Combat Patrol league interesting is trying to build an all-round list in the ludicrously narrow confines of 100pts, and then sticking with that list for the remainder of the 'season.' Being able to change your list at will just makes it all about who's got the biggest stockpile of minis. Ah well.

    Sometime I'd like to try and resurrect the Combat Patrol thing we tried at Hypermind, but I'm not enthusiastic. Maybe I should see about starting it up at Atomic Empire? Hmm....

    Anyway, a new entry (and those pics) are coming in a few minutes!

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