Monday, February 25, 2013

Flames of War engulf Dusseldorf

So we (me, Rory, Josh and Britt) had a Flames of War 'Total War' megagame last Saturday, kindly hosted by Britt at his house with every table at his disposal and a bucketload of terrain.  Massive unstructured picdump follows:

Beginning of the game, the Hungarian (me, a few thousand miles out of my historical place) sector of the bombed-out ruin of Dusseldorf faced off against British artillery (Josh) in some fields

US Tank Destroyers (Britt) appear from ambush to threaten my StuG Gs. Inexplicably I pass all my armor saves!

Blurry men having blurry fun

A view from the British sector of the battle, and the Anglo-American artillery park

The Heer commander (Rory) is vehemently gesticulating about... something

Unfortunately I didn't get a good picture of the intermediate stages of this, but Britt's four M10s, while only scoring two kills, held up my entire armored push for about three turns, which was more than enough to let the British infantry dig in on their objective

By this time we are running out of clock, so I push forward and find out just how much harder it is to assault in v.3 of these rules compared to v.2; my Hetzers pay the price

The German sector of the assault has also bogged down short of their objective; perhaps divisional command should have released their Tigers sooner?

The Allies, despite being infantry companies, were able to secure their third objective before the Axis with their armor; by keeping the Axis off their third as well as securing their own, they wind up winning 9 to 6.   Casualties were fairly light, although things might have gotten worse if we had more time (which can be blamed on my unwise consumption of gas station hamburgers for dinner the night before).  Still, a good time was had by all!


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