Sunday, February 17, 2013

40k Doubles Tournament yesterday

So while my home internet has been Having Problems (which has negatively impacted my blogging), I've been slowly getting ready to play in a 2x1000pt Warhammer 40k doubles tournament yesterday.  I stayed up late Friday night getting my 1000 points of Deathwing ready, and awoke to a steady snowfall.  Still, assuming they wouldn't cancel due to snow, my doubles teammate Rory and I headed up there.  It was a long day - we got up there at 10, probably got started around 10:45 or so, and left at about 7 that night.  A long slog for three games, but we had a pretty good time.  I'd love to post some detailed game breakdowns, but that will have to wait for later in the week. For now, pretty pictures:

GAME ONE: our opponents: Chaos Space Marines/Traitor Guard

Result: we got tabled around turn 4 or so?

Game Two: double Chaos Space Marines (Alpha Legion, "For the Emperor!") with Daemon allies

NB: thanks for being awful, new version of Photobucket.  I can rotate the picture there but it shows up here unrotated.  New Photobucket is awful.
Results: We held 4 points of objectives to our opponents' 3; plus we killed a lot of their stuff

Game Three: Necrons/Guard
Result: Rory and I got whittled to death by giant piles of dice and incomprehensible Necron special rules.


  1. Your description of the final game, unfortunately, sounds like a typical 40k game to me: whittled by giant piles of dice and incomprehensible faction rules.

    How was the overall experience? The other players? The tourney experience? AE as a tourney venue? The games themselves?

  2. So I was going to address this in depth but since you and I discussed it already I'm not sure if anyone else reading the blog would care. Still, I'll hammer something together maybe later this week about the total experience.