Sunday, January 29, 2012

User feedback solicited

I see that a few (around 10%) of my pageviews are coming from iPhones - anybody out there reading this thing on a mobile device willing to tell me if they like the new mobile template I activated yesterday? It looks good on mine, and is a lot easier to navigate. But feedback is important!

Similarly, how's the font working for you all? I liked a lot when I originally selected it on my desktop PC, but on my netbook there's a noticeable lag while it upconverts from Courier or whatever the default is, and some of the characters (capital Hs come to mind) don't render that well at this resolution. Any one with font-knowledge out there have any suggestions?


  1. Looking at this at 1280x1024 on a PC.

    In IE it is rather difficult to read. The H's that you mention especially.

    In Chrome its more readable but the actual letters are a bit blurry.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Rory. I liked the old font, but it was a lot better on my desktop than the netbook. Since I'm chucking it, and since the old pink and grey scheme was for the failed 'Summer of Slaanesh' project, I thought I'd switch the whole thing around.

    Further feedback from any and all readers appreciated!

  3. You have been fiddling with it I can see. Liked the white you hasd earlier but this works very nicely. Can see everything very well.

    Speaking of seeing, my test mini is up on my blog if you want a preview.