Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'll bring you precious contraband

And ancient tales from distant lands.
-Steve Earle, "Feel Alright"

Two 500-point 'learner' fleets for Battlefleet Gothic. These guys are Chaos, painted up to be part of a Word Bearers fleet.

The paint scheme is painfully simple, since I'm a painfully bad painter. Basically a three-layer drybrush (Mechrite Red/Red Gore/Blood Red) over black primer, details in silver, engine glow and ports in Iyanden Darksun (GW's now-obsolete yellow foundation paint). After these pics I went back and put some dots in white, red, yellow and blue on the bases to give them a 'starfield' look and hopefully make them a bit less drab. The real problem will be getting the names on these guys; instead of trying to freehand them on the bases I may make nametags for the ships and tack them to the base with a dab of PVA glue.

CHAOS 1: 495
Devastation-Class Cruiser "Betrayal": 190
-Warmaster (Ld 8, one re-roll): 50
Slaughter-Class Cruiser "Conspiracy": 165
Iconoclast Destroyers x3 "Conjurors": 90 (30 each)

CHAOS 2: 500
Carnage-Class Cruiser "Sacrilege": 180
-Warmaster (Ld 8, one re-roll): 50
Murder-Class Cruiser "Heresy": 170
Idolator Raiders x2 "Concubines": 90 (45 each)


  1. Ken,
    I am green with envy right now. I haven't played BFG in a long time and unfortunately sold off my Imperial/Chaos Fleets. Your fleets looking good. Can't wait to see more. Going to have to dig through my games to see if I still have the game/rulebook... (if I haven't sold those too.)

    Keep uo the great work.
    Mike (BGG user)

    1. Mike, many thanks! If you don't have the rulebook, the rules used to be on GW's website as a PDF, although with the recent website changes I can't guarantee that they're still there. But we did indeed get our first two games in tonight, and we had an absolute blast. I'm about to write them up now!

      Thanks again,
      Ken (flintlocklaser at BGG)

  2. Looking good there, Ken. I've been in the process of reactivating my long dormant Starfleet Wars ships, probably some gaming action with them this fall.

    1. Thanks - one of the things that makes the BFG ships so nice is that they respond well to bad painters. Drybrush the heck out of them and they honestly look really nice on the tabletop!

      Meanwhile, my plans for the 1812 Russian campaign keep getting pushed further and further back, unfortunately. I really need to cowboy up and figure out what I plan to do about them. I am this close to passing on 15mm and trying to do them in 6mm, just to make sure I can both afford to get them and get them painted in time. We'll see. If I don't I'll have to wait until 2062 for another 'big' anniversary year...