Thursday, December 3, 2009

40k Combat Patrol: who to bring to the dance

So as mentioned in the previous post, I'm still thinking pretty hard on a third* opposing force to try and get built/painted before New Year's for the embryonic store CP league I'm trying to get off the ground. Some outside perspective would be quite helpful, so I'm going to expatiate on the choices I mentioned earlier and pray for feedback. Now at the moment I think I have exactly two readers, but a) I'd be happy to get both their opinions, and b) presumably at some point someone else might read this and I'd be happy for them to chime in too. So, here are the choices, complete with my proposed CP lists for said choices, and some pros and cons for each.

CHAOS SPACE MARINES: Alpha Legion, 400pts
2 squads (1 scoring), 2 vehicles, 13 troops

TROOPS: 8x Chaos Space Marines
-Icon of Chaos Glory
-Asp Champ with PF
-mounted in Rhino w/ Havoc Launcher

ELITES: 5x Chosen
-3 flamers, 2 meltaguns
-mounted in Rhino w/ Havoc Launcher

PROS: well, other than liking the Alpha Legion and thinking that two APCs (one with the possibility to use the Flanking rules) at this level might actually be a pretty hard thing to beat, nothing specific
CONS: having to build/paint two Rhinos, which is something I haven't tackled yet; the Chosen will require some light conversion work as I'm planning on making them on the so-called Doghouse-pattern Marines; there's already two, if not possibly three power-armour/bolter toting lists spoken for in the league and this would add one more to the MEQ (Marine equivalent) pile; only one troop choice for objective-grabbing; lowest troop count of any list I'm considering (even the one I'll mention in the footnote that I cleverly teased with an * above)

ELDAR: Craftworld Iybraesil, 398pts
3 squads (2 scoring), 2 vehicles, 15 troops

TROOPS: 8xDire Avengers
+Exarch w/ twin shuricats, Bladestorm

TROOPS: 7xDire Avengers
+Exarch w/ power weapon+shimmershield, Bladestorm

-both with Scatter Lasers

PROS: Eldar are neat; this avoids the issue of MEQ spam at the league level; the only conversion work will be trying to magnetize the Vyper weapons for future versatility
CONS: I keep hearing that Eldar are a finesse army, which means that handing them off to someone to use as a loaner/learner group might be counterproductive; I'm unreasonably skittish about painting and assembling the Vypers what with their clear canopy bits and all

TRAITOR GUARD: The Recusant 113th
4 squads (2 scoring), 1 vehicle, 3 walkers, 26 troops

TROOPS: Veteran Squad x10
-2x flamers
-mounted in Chimera, total 135pts

TROOPS: Penal Legion squad x10, 80pts total

FAST ATTACK: Scout Sentinel Squadron
-3 Sentinels, all with Autocannon, 120pts

FAST ATTACK: Rough Riders x6
-2 swap hunting lances for Grenade Launchers, 65 pts total

PROS: lotsa dudes, again we avoid turning the whole league into a MEQ fight
CONS: lotsa dudes, plus 3 walkers and an APC to build (although the Chimera doesn't seem like it will be too bad); the Rough Riders will be one of the more conversion-heavy things I'd be looking at building for these possible lists

So, anyone got any real pressing reasons I should go with one of these over the other?

Oh yeah, the footnote:
* I also realized that in additon to the tiny-model-count (21 models woo hoo) Slaaneshi Daemons list I've already built, I've also already (probably over 2 years ago) built ~2/3rds of a 16-man World Eaters list that will probably not win but would be stupid easy and fun to use, and probably also stupid easy and fun to paint. So I guess I am, in my own way, already contributing to the dreaded problem of MEQ spam. The sickness is within us all....


  1. I just don't know enough to really make any suggestion. The Traitor Guard sounds kinda neat, but I'd be happy to play with anything (assuming that I actually get a chance to play at all).

  2. Fair enough. I mentioned the possible league to Jim this weekend as well, and he seemed mildly interested, in which case I guess I should be looking into doing two of these anyway so someone doesn't get stuck with the one-trick-pony Berzerkers or the (presumably similarly onetrickponyish) Daemonettes. Maybe Traitor Guard and Eldar then?

    As for you getting a chance to play, I'm going to try and get a few more practice games in with Britt over his semester break; the Combat Patrol thing was originally hyped as '40k in 40 minutes' and I honestly think that's a totally achieveable timeframe once I've got the rules all hammered out. Britt's also been looking into some kind of Ladder-style league setup that will hopefully reward playing at people's convienence, rather than becoming a hassle or a time-sink.

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