Sunday, September 18, 2011

What's in the box? 22,000 tons of nuclear fury

Six Combine Mk IIIs, Six Paneuropean Legionnaires.


Glued these guys up today (Sept 18). I have had them for OVER A DECADE which makes me feel super old. Planning on running Exercise K with them at MACE when I go for the first time this November. Still have to paint them and source a map somehow. Squads will be:

Red - 1st Polish Lancers
Yellow - Vatican Guard

Green - 1st Armored Divison (Old Ironsides)
Blue - Royal Navy

Dumb/thematic names solicited. Right now I have some bad ideas for the Vatican Guard Ogres, as well as some good ones for the RN (fictional British naval captains!) but I'll take any suggestions.

As for the actual assembly, they are really clean sculpts and other than a bit of flash on some of the treads and gun barrels, they went together effortlessly - although I do wonder about how that wasp-waist is going to hold with just CYA glue. I've got some JB Weld on hold if they prove fragile in service. Here's hoping the periodic rumors about SJGames looking for a new caster to start making these things again is true.

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