Monday, November 7, 2011

Putting the 'Funk' in 'Perfunctory'

Got kind of slammed in the run-up to vacation, and the blog suffered for it. Didn't get an intended post done about my last HG game against Britt, or about playing a bit of Space Hulk with Keith and some full-rules Battletech with Brandon and Tyler. I'll get those pics up later this week. In the meantime, here's some photo recon from a "Sleepwalker" (35th SRA Combined Arms Regiment) Command Jager on detached duty:

standing in front of some kind of HAPF hypnotraining center

nervously awaiting exfiltration from the Western Frontierland Protectorate

this bizarre CEF mock-up of a place called 'Canada' feels strangely like home


  1. So, hopefully you enjoyed Orlando, Ken!

  2. I did! It had been nearly ten years since I'd been to Disney World, and my niece and nephew had a wonderful time (as did the rest of the family). Especially nice was driving out of North Carolina in 30-something degree rain, and ending up in 70+ Orlando sun!

    Also I kept my copy of Dominic Lieven's Russia Against Napoleon with me, although the kids and general tiredness meant I didn't make much more progress than I already had. It's been informative reading for that '200th Anniversary Russian Campaign' stuff you and I talked about on my earlier post; having said that, there's a few things that strike me as odd. I just got done reading about the near-disaster at Craonne, and based on Lieven's book, the casual reader would be forgiven for thinking that Bl├╝cher's Army of Silesia was 100% Russian. Similarly, his ancestors keep popping up being awesome, and while it's probably historically apt and totally understandable, it's still occasionally a bit jarring. But all in all, it's been a good read, and will be some help in setting up stuff for our Russian Campaign gaming in 2012.

  3. I haven't gotten a copy of Lieven's book (yet), so I was interested in what you thought of it. i'm currently reading Nafziger's acount again, trying to mine it for more scenario ideas.

    My first visit to Disney World was way back in 1983, about a year after I was married; we'd been to attend a convention in Miami Beach (American Academy of Family Physicians, not wargames, LOL!) while I was still a Resident, and stopped off there for 2 days - that was back when Epcot was pretty much brand new. Been back in 1992, with our 4 and 6 year old daughters (4 is about the youngest I'd bring a kid there), and then 1995, and finally 2003, when we got an absurdly good deal on a vacation time share condo unit by Marriott, even if we had to give them a hour for their spiel (no way we were buying with my older daughter about to start college!) Anyway, I always enjoy visiting there; will be due to go again in a few years, perhaps!

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