Monday, January 2, 2012

Whoops I Forgot I Have a Blog (and a magnetized Naga by way of apology)

Sorry folks. Will try to do a big bonanza catch-up post later this week. I've done a lot of gaming since my last substantive post, and I'll try to get caught back up, or at least throw some pics up here. Mea culpa.

Anyway, just got done magnetizing a Naga for my upcoming HAPF army for Heavy Gear. This is the first significant magnetization project I've ever tried, and it went fairly well. You can see the misalignment problems when I convert it to the Long Fang variant (the one with the long-barreled guns), but I'm happy with it for a first try. We'll see if it goes ok when I throw togethere my Fire Dragon mini tomorrow...

Standard Naga with chin-mounted Medium Autocannon

Standard Naga with chin-mounted Heavy Flamer

Command Naga; swaps one ATM/AGM pod for an advanced ECM/ECCM suite and Satellite Uplink

Long Fang Naga; swaps both missile pods for twin Light Field Guns

The magnetizing was pretty straightforward, which was a pleasant surprise. I bought 3/32" magnets, and was fortunate enough to have a 3/32" drill bit available for my pin vise. I took the advice of a fellow HG player (hi Dale!) and seated the magnets in their holes before applying the glue, to (mostly) avoid problems with the glue hydraulically locking the magnet outside its desired position. We'll see how the Fire Dragon (and possibly my Hetairoi hovertanks) do, since they're resin.

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  1. Looking good Ken!! Let me know if I can help out any more!!