Saturday, February 4, 2012

Heavy Flames of War Gear (with apologies to Norwood for biting his style)

Got in a game of Flames of War this past Wednesday, and semi-demoed a game of Heavy Gear on Thursday for Rory, with the cooperation of Justin, who's already started playing.

FoW: long story short, got my CiC killed and pushed below the company morale threshold before turn 7, which was how long I needed to hold my two objectives. I had fun, and my opponent, Mike, was very patient and helpful with me since I hadn't played FoW in about 8 months or something now and had half-forgotten a lot of stuff. Unfortunately this first game in the local Firestorm: Bagration campaign might be my last, as due to space issues all future games will be on Thursday, which already belongs to my current fave minis game...

HG: Rory was willing to give it a try, although he'd said earlier while watching the end of Brandon and my last game that he wasn't sure it would be his cup of tea (SPOILER ALERT: by the end of the night he was figuring out which faction he wanted to buy). Our local Pod Squad rep, Dale, had mentioned the possibility of me joining the Pod Squad as well, since I live an hour west of him and can conceivably cover demos in places like Greensboro, Southern Pines, etc. In that spirit, and with the arrival of another newer (although not newbie) player Justin, Dale suggested I run the demo as a trial by fire.

  • more-or-less successfully teach the basics of Heavy Gear: 2VP
  • don't make an ass of yourself: 2VP
Here, Rory is not sleeping, as the casual observer might think - he is checking line of sight for an attack!  Presumably one of those damnable metabananas is in the way AGAIN.  (nb: work on house rules for using 'Junglemower' VHACs to clear sight lines)

Here, a MILICIA Sidewinder and 'Knifey McGee,' the J├Ąger whose off-hand I glued a Vibroblade to before realizing he was already carrying a sheathed one, menace a freshly-painted MAC-armed Norlight Hunter.

Near the end of their second demo game, Justin is pointing at one of his Hunters, presumably because it's about to do something.  At the top left of the field you can see two MILICIA gears that were recently killed by the combination of a phenomenally well-thrown hand grenade and (if memory serves) judiciously sprayed LRP fire.  Everyone is clustered around the central mesa (the one with the ripe, red metabanana plants, naturally) as for this second game we instituted a simple goal of 'most gears at light or better within 4" of the hill.'  Unfortunately for Justin, his Hunter near the bottom edge of the board will wind up being about an inch short of contesting the hill after its move, and the game will be a bloody draw.

All in all, I think my first attempt to demo the game went fairly well.  There were a few things I still need to drum into my head (like how shifting speed bands and movement modes has a few limits more complex than 'one step either direction'), but mostly this simplified version went off OK.  This coming Thursday Rory wants to play a full game, so I'm coming up with two 500TV lists, to introduce stuff like Command Points, multi-action models, reaction fire - all the stuff that really makes HG shine.  Meanwhile Rory is already thinking up paint schemes for what seems like it might be an Eastern Suns Emirate Guard army....

PS - I think I got 3VP.  Maybe just 2.


  1. Let me know if you need any of my stuff for Thursday night. I'll be there unless work, school or family intervene......

  2. Thanks Dale, but I should be fine. I'm going to bring that 500TV WFPA 'Jump Dragoon'/infantry list for side A, and probably the SRA with Huns for side B. I figure if I'm playing Rory it's better for me to remember all the kit he'll be using so I can suggest/remind him of stuff.

    Also, have you had any fresh ideas for a fourth starter/demo list yet? I tried playing with NuCoal stuff and while a 5-strong Chasseur MkIIs does come out to near 250TV, I think hover along with the +1 firecon might be too much for learning games.

    I'm still tempted to hand someone about 15 Golems and wish them luck...

  3. North, South, Paxton and KADA (or any of the leaguless). I think tanks are a bit over the top so CEF is out. Of course, you can 'fudge' the rules for a demo game and load out weapons how you want. You might be able to get a weapon loadout that will counter the MkII +1 fire con.

  4. Yeah, I think I have a passable PRDF demo list put together, but the 4th one has me stuck. I might do what you suggest and go KADA or Leagueless and just use spare minis. The problem is finding some that aren't going to be overly complex (Black Mamba, with autopilot, weak rear facing) or overly crappy (Desert Viper). I'll see what I can hammer together.

  5. Hey Dale, followup: how's this for a KADA demo squad?

    Headhunter w/ +1LD
    Copperhead w/ Frag Cannon
    Desert Viper
    "Sapper" Basilisk (Medium Flamer, IRP/20)

    It's all stuff I have already, which is a plus. The flamer Bassy is frankly, me pandering to myself, as I love those guys for fluff purposes. Still, I don't think the Sustained Burn rule is overly complex. All in all, it's more fragile than the other demo lists (fewer sturdy boxes) but it has more punch than some do. Plus, I can see using it in a full KADA list at some point.

    What do you think? Also, is there any way at all to field Rabid Grizzlies in a KADA list? I'm not finding it....

  6. You play better asleep than I do awake!