Thursday, March 11, 2010

Missing comments

So this is weird/sucky - several comments (mostly from around the new year, and almost all of them from Britt) have vanished from my blog. Anyone more familiar with blogger/blogspot/whatever got any kind of info for me on how I can recover these?


  1. This is obviously part of a giant internet conspiracy against me!

  2. It's part of my plan to go back and alter all the battle reports so I'm constantly winning. This way the groundwork for my "Hero of the Soviet Union" medal will be done ahead of time.

    Also, on a more productive note, I've got a bid in on a fairly large (and still nicely cheap) Ork fleet for BFG. Once Alton figures out what he wants to order maybe we should try and pin him, you, Jim and me (and possibly Steve, if the stars converge) all down to one day to try and launch our inaugural BFG Regatta/Five Part Massacree!

  3. (weird - thought I could edit my replies? anyway)

    Hmm... also, according to this Blogger bug blog

    (not as euphonious as Arrested Development's Bob Loblaw Law Blog, but close) the loss of comments from around Dec/Jan is a known issue that they're working on. Three cheers for the hardworking drones down there in the Ministry of Truth, I guess....

  4. I will say this - while I still think I should build an American force to go fight my Germans, therefore giving us a few more options for our gaming (such as an alt-history post-45 world where we did let Patton head for Moscow!), I've really gotten into the Soviet lists while building stuff for this weekend. They're just so damned fun - I want to make a Cossack list AND my own version of the Militia list I just emailed you AND an 'elite' Guards list.... Time to break out the Red Army Choir CDs I reckon.

  5. Remind me to put on some Prokofiev during our FoW game.