Tuesday, July 3, 2012

First (mostly successful) Heavy Gear Demo!

So I am having trouble getting motivated to work on the blog, which is a real shame as we had a very good demo HG session at Hypermind in Burlington back on June 7th.  Four people showed up to play, and I did my best to run them through a very basic matchup, two games of one GP squad per side.  The only thing I did wrong was a big one, though - forgetting until the end of the night to point out that moving at Top Speed eats up an action.  Grr.  What a dumb, obvious mistake.  Ah well.  Here's pics:

Since I've kind of lamed out on this, I'd love it if any (or all!) of the four players would add comments about what they recall about the demo.

Also the next demo will be this Thursday at Hypermind, starting at 6:30, which I have not been good about promoting.  Maybe I need signage for the front of the store, next to the Heavy Gear poster...

EDIT TO ADD: my friend Shawn wrote the demo up on his own blog, with way better pictures!  Here's the link:



  1. Great to learn about a new gaming system. The minis and boards looked great.

  2. I really wish I could get into this... or at least try it out.

  3. Anonymous (Keith?) - thanks, glad you had a good time. I do need to keep working on the minis and the scenery though. In particular I don't feel like there's ever enough cover on the boards I play on.

    Chris - I'd be more than happy to set up a similar, small-scale demo some Tuesday night. Just let me know. Also, the next update (to be written sometime this weekend) will be about Warmachine, which I think is right up your alley, for reasons you mentioned yourself earlier this year. But I'll cover that in that post, rather than here....

  4. Sounds great.
    Hypermind is fertile ground for Heavy Gear. I hope that it continues to grow!