Saturday, December 8, 2012

Somehow people keep looking at this blog

Even when I abandon it for months at a time.  I've been gaming some, but not doing much painting, so I've neglected the blog.  I do have some new Battlefleet Gothic stuff to share though; my friend Rory and I are playing a small campaign, my Slanneshi Chaos fleet against his Imperials.  We got a quick game in today, where my mission was to deploy my 750pt fleet against Rory's randomly-deployed 1500pt defenders.  In the best Slanneshi tradition I ran like hell; stopping only long enough to conduct a hit-and-run raid on Rory's light cruiser to retrieve a spy that I apparently had stationed on his ship (thanks to the typically-random sub-plot generation table).  Pics here; the write-up is basically "I ran away and Rory tried to get in position to shoot me" so it's a good way for me to ease back into writing these posts:


Setup, from my corner

Setup, from Rory's side 

Rory, measuring for a Nova Cannon shot after crippling my Hecate-class cruiser New Flesh in an earlier turn. Forunately the Slaughter-class Strength Through Joy is masked by an asteroid field

One ship down, the 'Objectifiers' try to hide behind a gas cloud

The Aurora (where my spy had been embedded) in hot pursuit

Having been crippled by a Nova Cannon hit earlier, the Daemonship New Flesh translates back to the Warp

Objectifier Three, having been abandoned by Obj Two (and with Obj One and Four blasted to atoms), turns to lash out at a squadron of Imperial Sword-class frigates (it doesn't end well)

So back on the horse.  I have a few more Chaos ships on the way to round out my fleet; I also want to get some more paint on my Orks and Eldar who have been languishing in the graving docks (with just a coat of primer) since late summer/early fall.

Also, to those of you still checking this blog, thanks for your patience.  One of my many New Year's resolutions is to be more consistent both in my painting and my posting.  Whoever you readers are, I appreciate it!


  1. That looked like a fun game. I haven't played any battle fleet Gothic in years, although I did get out my ork Rok fleet with plans to take it to the local club's gamesday next weekend.

    Post when you can,


  2. Thanks Colonel! BFG really is great, but since I think I've done my 'why did GW abandon it' rant somewhere else on the blog I'll skip it this time. Meanwhile, if you have some pics of your Rok fleet I would love to see them! I'd love to make a big Ork Hulk and a few Roks to add to my fleet; inspiration would be very helpful.