Thursday, December 20, 2012

We learn by failing

So a while ago (two years now? how time flies) I tried to inaugurate a Warhammer 40,000 "Combat Patrol" league at my local game store.  This format, for those of you unfamilar with it, is basically supposed to represent a few squads of troopers running into each other unexpectedly, rather than the pitched battles of full-sized 40k. I think we had a decent turnout for 'opening day' - eight players, if memory serves, which isn't bad for a store with virtually no minis scene anymore.  Unfortunately it fell apart nearly immediately, for a few reasons which I will address frankly here:

  1. no one was sufficiently familiar with the rules
  2. some people outright cheated
  3. other people brought 'netlists' specifically designed to abuse the Combat Patrol format
  4. #2 and #3 above got me so pissed off I basically abdicated my responsibility as league coordinator
So it died a flaming and well-deserved death, and I'm only sad about it in the abstract.  However!  Another local game store (well, 45 mins away, but still) is starting up a Combat Patrol (now called 'Force Patrol') league to begin in the new year, and I am interested again.  There's a new version of 40k out there, several new codicies, and from what I understand the player base up there is not horrible.  So I'm playing with list ideas again!

400 point Lamenters (Blood Angels)
Troops: Assault Squad #1 - 135
-Sergeant w/ Infernus Pistol, Power Axe
-4x Marines: 1 w/ Flamer

Troops: Assault Squad #2 - 265
-Sergeant w/ Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield
-9x Marines: 1 w/ Plasma Pistol, 1 w/ Meltagun

These guys are actually built and primed from the failed league - they were the list I built to punish the guy who bragged about his net-built abusive list, and they worked for that.  I would kind of like to play them for fun instead of for punitive reasons, but I am assuming the typical Space Marine-heavy metagame so maybe....

400 Point Recusant 113th (Traitor Imperial Guard)
HQ: Primaris Psyker 70

Troops: Veteran Squad 80
-9 Veterans, 2 w/ Flamers
-Chimera w/ Dozer Blade 65

Troops: Veteran Squad 80
-9 Veterans, 2 w/ Grenade Launchers
-Chimera w/ Dozer Blade 65

Fast Attack: Scout Sentinel 40
w/ Smoke Launcher

Again, this one is mostly built from my earlier Traitor Guard project, that fell apart due to the sheer distance I was having to drive back then.  I think all I need to do here is hammer together another Chimera (ugh). The Dozer Blades are frankly a points sink, but the backstory is they're a PDF from an Agri-world that falls to Nurgle so all the armor has Dozer Blades as they primarily used them for civilian work before they turned to Chaos.

396 point Kabal of the Annihilating Embrace (Slaaneshi Dark Eldar)
Troops: Kabalite Warriors x 10 - 105
-1 w/ Shredder, 1 w/ Splinter Cannon
-Raider w/ Splinter Racks 70

Troops: Wyches x 9 - 140
-1 w/ Razorflails
-Hekatrix w/ Phantasm Launcher, Agonizer

Fast Attack: Reavers x3 81
-1 w/ Blaster

I have no idea how these guys will work but they are the ones I actually think I want to play the most.  The only thing I wonder is if I would be better off leaving the Warriors on foot (which gives up access to the Splinter Racks on the Raider) as a stationary firebase and loading the Wyches on the Raider for delivery of boot to head (in which case I'd probably shave points from somewhere else to buy them another body and special H2H weapon.

400 point Necrons
Troops: Immortals x 9 - 153

Troops: Warriors x 9 - 117

Fast Attack: Canoptek Wraiths x 3 - 130
-2 w/ Whip Coils, 1/ Particle Caster

I have boss red plastic rods to replace the green ones on the gauss weapons, so I am kinda stoked to play these guys as well.  The warriors are color primed and ready to go with just a few details and some metallic drybrushing; the Warriors are clipped and ready to go.  But I'd have to buy a box of Wraiths for this list, which is not the biggest problem in the world as I really like the Wraith models.  Plus I think they'd be a very good mobility element for this level; I'd love to run a unit of Praetorians instead but that'd be half my points for 5 guys....

So what I have here are four lists, one which is actually ready to paint, two that are a model or ten away from being ready to prime, and one that's half ready for paint and then 1/4 unassembled and 1/4 still unbought.  Expect my usual dithering and screwing around before deciding.  Updates to follow, etc.  

PS obviously if any of you reading this have any Combat Patrol experience I'd love to hear feedback/critiques/suggestions/etc!


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