Friday, January 22, 2010

Putting the cart before the horse

This one is more of a reminder for myself than a real blog entry, for which I apologize to my 1.5 current readers (the .5 assumes that Chris Norwood is still in fact reading these from time to time). But in the process of stumping for the 40k CP league, I've run across some other possible minis gamers at Hypermind:

-Two potential Battlefleet Gothic players - Jim, who Britt told me was a BFG player and Brad, who I spoke to at Hypermind this Tuesday, mentioned he used to be a big BFG player and still had his Imperial and Chaos fleets.

-and one potential Warhammer Fantasy Battles gamer, Beth whose last name I can't remember, but who's a semi-regular at boardgame night.

I'm interested in playing both of these systems - although it would be kind of silly to do anything concrete with WFB at the moment, since I think it's all-but-officially been announced they're getting a new core rulebook this summer. But a few pickup games of BFG - which I've long heard being touted as GW's best ruleset next to Blood Bowl - would be a nice little addition.

Still, I guess the main point of this is that there's at least some small current of minis gaming, even among the people at Hypermind who come for the board and card games. I'm considering making up two poster/broadsheets to ask Denise to hang up now - one for the specific CP league stuff, and another, more generic one, about other stuff such as BFG and WFB. If we could get Thursdays to be 'minis night' and get a quarter of the participation that Tuesday's boardgame night gets, I'd be thrilled stupid. Chris, if you are still reading these posts, I'd sure like to get some pointers from you on your efforts promoting and organizing the Tuesday night wingding.


  1. Oh, by the way, I am still reading. But I'm also very disappointed that my plays of Space Hulk apparently failed to be "mini enough" to make your blog...

  2. Hehe... there are a couple of reasons I've been stalling out on doing some Space Hulk writeups.

    1) "not a minis game" - I said this in jest, but it's (allegedly) a bone of some contention in various Internet Circles™ the anti-mini-game crowd would tell us that since the minis don't resolve any line-of-sight issues based on their size/shape, and that since their moves are strictly delineated by the gameboard itself, that we're playing a boardgame, not a minis game. This is Not a reason I'm waiting, but something I'll address (briefly) in my first Space Hulk writeup.

    2) the backlog - I do want to get current with the reports, and I was making decent progress there for a while but now I'm back to being like 6 to 8 games back. Part of my 'big plan' to get caught up was to push the Space Hulk games off to their own writeup; if it would have worked I'd be hailed as a genius, but since it didn't now I just look like a putz.

    3) prior art - you've actually written up our Space Hulk games already, and you've got better pictures than I do (if memory serves, I have about three blurry iPhone pictures of our epic last game, versus you having the great final shot of Brother Assault Cannon bonking stealers on the head with the barrels of his gun). I'll have to come up with some added spin to put on it that you didn't already cover, which has made me hesitate a bit.

    Having made all these tawdry (but honest) excuses, here's a pledge - I'm bringing SH into the store tonight and setting up the next mission. If we play it, it'll be written up by tomorrow night.

    In an only tangentially related story, the new Blood Angels codex is coming out this summer. Since the SH minis and rules are all based on the Terminators in question being BAs, it'll be interesting to see if Space Hulk gets a second push when that codex hits the ground....