Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Talk me out of this

Someone please talk me out of this.


  1. Ooo....Lizardman Blood Bowl Team. That's one of the few teams that I don't have.
    I cannot tell you no about getting those guys. In fact, I say 'Do it!'.

  2. Hmm - looks like my attempt to reply here got eaten, but basically yeah, the Lizardmen have set the hook nice and deep. They've always been my favorite WFB faction, both backstory- and model-wise, but I'd never actually looked at the offical BB models for them until tonight. I'm actually lurking on a few used BB lists on eBay tonight - more oddball stuff like Chaos Dwarfs and undead - but one way or the other I am probably gonna have to grab the Lizards before the Spring/Summer league. If nothing else, the fact that I've already got an entrance theme song for them helps ("Love Me Like A Reptile," by Motorhead).

    Speaking of BB - which iteration of the Living Rulebook will we be using for the league? 5.0, or the new 6.0? Just curious...

  3. If you have a theme song, you have to play the team.
    Lizardmen have some great big guys, plus the skinks give you speed that can allow you to keep up with the Skaven.

    Last summer's champion, Mike, has played Chaos Dwarfs last season and during the failed first season. They are a bruising team that he used to knock player after player out of games. Once he scored first, he held the lead by bashing the other team. Most games, Mike won 2-0. His team was amazing.

    I prefer the Orks and may play them again this summer. I enjoy the high flying antics of the Dark Elves, but I had the hell beat of out of my team way too often. The only reason I didnt go to the championship game was due to losing so many players prior to the playoff game. I was forced to play conservative during the playoff, the game went to Sudden Death, and I lost on a failed die roll. Sigh....missed opportunities.

    Ah, Blood Bowl. How I love that game.
    This summer, you, Mark, Josh, Chris B. and I will definitely play. Mike will likely play, and Jim will play if work lessens for him. I hope to have 6 - 8 players again. The 2010 season should start the third or fourth week of June and run until the second week of August.

  4. Yeah, whichever other ones I luck into the Lizardmen are definitely going to be my go-to team. Using the version 5 rulebook, it looks like a starter army plus a Kroxigor and a single re-roll come in right at an even million. It's like it's fate or something....