Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another BattleTech Quick Strike starter game

My old friend Steve is going to be in our mini-campaign this summer (next month!) and last night at the FLGS we set up a little lance-on-lance demo game for him. He took to it like a duck to water, but more importantly it showcased a few more rules issues that I need to go through the absurdly large Strategic Ops PDF and either print out or collate into a new set of tables, or something. I'm waiting on my plastic hex bases to arrive from Chessex, so we had another 'shirts vs skins' game with red rubber bands acting as shirts. No real commentary, as with us just activating our whole lances at a time there wasn't too much you could do tactically. If anything I think that you really need to have at least two units, even if it means breaking a lance up into two demi-lances, otherwise the person who 'wins' initiative gets the big prize of never getting any kind of reaction to the other player's movement. Pix follow:

The electrical gang or workboxes for terrain is an idea I'd seen done before, but forgotten about until Dale (who is the driving force behind the Heavy Gear gaming at The Game Connection) brought some of his to the last HG night I was able to attend. For under $20 I have got a tableful of buildings, including several small bunker-ish looking buildings, two round power plants, a large industrial building and one (if I can cut the sides out neatly enough) mech assembly bay. Good times, hopefully the Krylon Fusion spray paint I bought will indeed do the job and stick to this material...

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