Friday, May 27, 2011

Hey remember being tired of this recursive crap already?

So as I've been reading more of Ungvary's The Siege of Budapest it's becoming clearer and clearer to me that I should have made a Hungarian Assault Artillery list, as they are all over his account of the fighting in Budapest. Still, I'm happy with my tanker list, as the Turan II from Battlefront is a great looking little model (and as I don't think I could actually fit an assault gun list in under the restrictions of the first stages of the Escalation League)!

But I did feel like I wanted to change my Hetzers in the 1750 iteration of the list for the native-grown Zrinyi II assault guns. It was a hard call, because the Hetzers are one of the things I was liking the most about the old list. But I'm sure I can find them a home someplace else, and the Zrinyi really deserves some table time. This swap saves me 30 points, which neatly buys me a Supply Truck for my engineers, so hopefully this is the final iteration of my Hungarians:

1750pts Hungarian Harckoscsizo Szazad (Tank Company) (1750)
Company HQ - 2 Turan II tanks (125)

Combat Platoon #1 - Harckocsizo Platoon: 3x Turan II tanks (190)

Combat Platoon #2 - Harckocsizo Platoon: 3x Turan II tanks (190)

Combat Platoon #3 - Harckocsizo Platoon - 3x Panzer IV H (285)

Weapons Platoon #1 - Motorized Pioneer Platoon - HQ Section w/ 2 Pioneer squads (180)
-add Command 'panzerknacker' SMG team (5)
-add 3-ton trucks (5)
-add Pioneer Supply Truck (25)

Regimental Support Platoon #1 - Self-propelled AA Platoon - 2x Nimrod AA guns (115)

Divisonal Support Platoon #1 - Motorized Rifle Platoon - HQ section w/ 4 Rifle squads (175)
-add Botond trucks (5)
-replace Command Rifle/MG squad with Command 'panzerfaust' SMG team (10)

Divisional Support Platoon #2 - Motorized Artillery Battery - HQ w/ 4x 105mm 37M howitzers (210)
-trucks (5)

Divisional Support Platoon #3 - Rohamagyus Platoon - 3x Zrinyi II assault guns (225)

I'll also be pulling the recovery vehicle that I added at the 1500pt step in favor of the Command team upgrade for the Pioneers, as I've read plenty of stuff about brave antitank work in Ungvary's book and none about recovery vehicles.

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