Monday, May 23, 2011

No more excuses


  1. Im salivating over those bags of goodies!
    What did you get?

  2. It's the Vallejo "Panzer Aces" paint set. 48 colors, made primarily for painting WWII armor crew uniforms, as well as some other 'basic' details like rust, wood, leather, canvas, etc. Probably overkill for a hack like me, but the price was good and I foresee a lot of use for my sci-fi and fantasy stuff.

    I can't find a single list of all 48 colors anywhere (as I am in a hurry) but I got this at a great price from Miniature Market. If you buy from them, tell 'em I sent you, which I'm sure will confuse the hell out of them as why should they know who an obscure Z-list blogger is?