Friday, April 13, 2012

Fresh Meat, -5 Threat Value

Which is a totally unfair title, as our new player Zach (pictured below, Doing Stuff) took to the rules like a duck to water. I did what I could to help demo the game, but our eager player base (several of who know the rules a bit better than I do) made my job a bit redundant. Still, I think it was going well - unfortunately I had to leave before he and Justin finished their game (and I had to leave the WFPA "Skyfallers" I'd lent Zach; thankfully Justin has promised them good temporary quarters in his bag).

As mentioned, Zach took my WFPA list and faced off against Justin's NAF Blue Meanies.

While there were criticisms leveled against my list (grr, Tyler) I was pleased to see that Zach used its minimal ECM capabilities much better than I tend to. He used the two Strike Cheetahs to disrupt several (but not all) of Justin's attempts to forward observe for his Grizzlies.

When Justin rolled these triple sixes for his Hunter (the white gear) to grenade Zach's Strike Cheetah and Jaguar, the consensus was that Zach was screwed. That was before Zach rolled trip sixes of his own....

As I said, we kind of threw Zach into the deep end for his 'learner' game, but he picked it up very quickly and was doing well when I left.  Hopefully he, Justin, or one of our other regulars can post the outcome here?  Meanwhile, Zach is wanting to get Heavy Gear on the table at Sci-Fi Genre in Durham; hopefully sometime in the near future we'll work out a day for some (less ambitious) demo games there!


  1. Justin here, posting as Anon!

    Final Score 2-0 in favor of Zach. The deciding blow being a Strike Cheetah achieving breakthrough and preventing my blockade.

    The Prophet smiled upon NAF on a few ocassions with my fire support Grizzly raining down destruction on a Jaguar and Cheetah(the 2 that survied my amazing dice they deserved it), while my Hunter applied a shotgun to the face of Zach's infantry. Unfortunately, my anti-tank gears were mercilessly wiped out earlier, and subsequent attacks on the Aller just bounced off.

    On the flip side, once Kenny left, the Aller made his presence felt as he wiped out 3 or so of my gears with the I'm-compensating-for-something-VHFG. The infantry also managed to pull their weight, adding some key stuns and damage.

    1. Hey Justin, thanks for stepping up to complete the battle report. Glad to hear the Aller pulled its weight - maybe it just doesn't like me, or something?

  2. Sounds like a great game.

    1. It certainly was looking good until I had to leave early; glad to hear it came to an interesting finish. And to reiterate, it taught me a little something about my own list with regards to using those Strike Cheetahs to actually interfere with my opponent's comm events instead of just skating around like ninnies.