Friday, April 27, 2012

Heavy Gear: three games!

So while I didn't get to play last night, it was totally worth it to be there for three simultaneous games of HG.  I did a tiny bit of modeling, a tiny bit of officiating, and a tiny bit of new player outreach.  All while defending the honor of my SRA loaner list, which everyone (myself included) agrees will work a lot better at 1000TV than it does right now.

Anyway, I don't have an HG AAR to offer (I do have a Battlefleet Gothic AAR, two actually, which will hit the blog later this weekend) but I did snap a few pics.  I'm hoping some of the folks that played last night will chip in with AARs, recollections, or 'yay/damnit' moments from their games!

Britt using my loaner SRA vs Brandon's CEF (or were they PAK?)

Justin's Norlights vs Paul's MILICIA (or are they SRA?)

Rory's freshly-painted SRA vs Tyler's MILICIA

Personally, I'm willing to call three simultaneous games (and we could have done four if I'd brought another army, honestly) a great turnout.  Many thanks again to Dale who got this whole thing rolling with a lot of perseverance for a few years before things really started to click.  We miss you Dale! Hope you can make it back out sometime soon!

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